Saturday, 2 April 2016

Hibiscus Celia;

H. Celia has been growing in my garden for ever. Always loved the clear, softly yellow/orange coloured  flowers, big and pretty, at least 20 cm  Ø.

A summer shrub flowering into autumn,

Sometimes they look more orange than in these photos.


To own a garden with flowers, a paradise, can we ask for more? Ts

©Photos/Text #mygarden Ts Book of Flowers.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Buddleia lindleyana...

..another favourite plant

Virtually unknown, spectacular  Buddleia lindleyana with shiny green leaves and cinnamon trunks. This incredible plant has up to 60 cm long panicles of medium lavender flowers in summer. Slightly stoloniferous. Do not cut back like otherBuddleias. Medium growth rate. Do not cut to the ground (renewal pruning) as you do with other Buddleias.

I must remember  names of plants, casually learned while helping to plant vulnerable seedlings into the ground. I remember  in spring in the woods soft blue stars, “Leberbluemchen”  Anemone hepatica, hands full I brought home, cautiously going past the hole where the badger lived.  It was March, spring. Now March is autumn…it is not odd anymore. Childhood memories have receded to gilded corners,  from where they  might make a  quick comeback laced with some sadness.

©Photos #mygarden/ Text Ts. Book of Flowers