Friday, 7 August 2015

Bougainvillea varigated orange;

Planted in my orange corner.  I love the brilliant orange of this Bougainvillea teaming well with an orange Ixora, daylily and  crucifix orchid. Complementing a small orange setting and a few orange hued, simple decorations. This corner was rather drab now it is glowing.

Every garden achieves its own song of flowers, sun, wind and rain add the chorus. Fallen leaves and petals tell their own poetry in a language of faded colours,  soft rustles and whispers. Ts

©Photo mygarden/Text/Ts


  1. It seems to me that we have the same taste about colors.
    This is not the first time.
    This color brings me way back to Spain , it has to do with temperament of some event..I can't remember now.

  2. Elantar, I love the colour orange in the garden. Here the green is mostly subdued more into the olive colour, so orange brings a sparkle to this subdued greenery. I love orange in all its different hues from dark to rust and the softest glow. Orange is such a positive colour. orange is the colour of joy and creativity.