Friday, 17 July 2015

Geranium; Lady of Spain;

There be many kindes of Cranes-bil, whereof two were known to Dioscorides, one with the knobbly root, the other
with the Mallow leafe. (John Gerard, The Herbal or General History of Plants, 1633)  

I like to think that people have cared and thought about plants; enjoyed them many centuries ago, looked upon a plant with interest and joy, just as I do today.

The best pictures do not recognize the best of the plant, The pleasure when one touches the silky petals, softly as they bruise easily,  Watching a little ant or an other insect make its way inside a petal to make a more thorough inspection. The colours subtly change with the light and time.  I like the tight little buds slowly opening and revealing  its secret tints and fine feathered markings, intrinsically  inscribed since the beginning of time. Ts

©Photo mygarden/Text Ts Book of Flowers.

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